President-Elect Donald Trump–Part 1 US Out Of The Paris Agreement


The election of Donald Trump has the environmental industry in a panic.  The money and the  one or two  trips each year to exotic places all funded by the US and others, could be severely curtailed.   The scientist, ever eager to produce study results that indicts man—the only way to get study money—, may no longer  be able to afford their lifestyle if the Government slush funds dry up.  And the forecasts of doom in the far-off future proudly produced by some computer, could be ignored and there goes the forecasters claim to fame. 


So are the members of this industry (Note I’m not calling it science.) going to lay back and just let this happen.  No of course not.  The UN IPCC meeting in Marrakech designed to hurry along the Paris Agreement is underway.  President-Elect Trump has said that he will not honor the Agreement.  The US is supposed to be the major supplier of money, as usual.   The Agreement was signed last week by our current President Barrak Obama.  Although in every aspect, the Agreement is a treaty, Obama once again ignored the need for Senate approval using his supposed authority to make it an Executive Order to sign the Agreement.  So, neither Trump nor Congress feel the need to honor his signature.

The US is receiving threats from the UN, France and China that they will do something if Trump doesn’t honor it.  The World was warned that if Republicans controlled the Senate and the Presidency, it would not be approved by the US.  I guess they thought that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency and after all the money they had contributed to the Clinton Foundation, they would be home free.  Bad bet on the environmental industry’s part; all that money the Clinton’s got and they got nothing in return.

With the possible exception of the Mafia and the Clinton Foundation, there is no group so irresponsible with our and other nation’s money.  The UN is essentially an unaudited organization and its leadership is routinely guilty of graft.







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