EPA Says “No” To Logic—- Just Wants To Show Leadership?

It is hard to imagine that there is a more out of control unit of the Federal Government than the EPA. The EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy seems impervious to logic. It has been repeatedly pointed out to her that the Clean Power Plan (shutting down numerous coal-based electrical generation facilities) will have no measurable effect on Global temperature. She does not disagree with the statement. But she says there isn’t any reason to measure it anyway. Then she shifts her defense saying that the important things is that the EPA is showing domestic leadership and that it will lead the US population to buy into the Paris agreement. No concern over loss of employment or the effect on the economy.

Two YouTube videos of McCarthy’s testimony before Congress have Congressman McKinley of WVA and Senator Daines of Montana relate the loss of jobs and the impact on the economy resulting from the Clean Power Plan are shown below:

I can cut the Administrator some slack because she is just doing what President Obama said he was going to do. And that was to kill the coal industry. However, she took the job to carry out Obama’s plan so it is hard to have much sympathy for her.

And especially when the EPA blew-out a shut in mine in Colorado and and caused a release of millions of gallons of water loaded with heavy metals in to a river that supplies water for the people downstream of the release. What did McCarthy do about the EPA people that caused that? Were they fired? Were they fined? No they were not. What do you think might have happen to a private company if they would have been responsible for the blowout?


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