Legates To Receive Climate Change Award

The 2015 “Climate Change Awards” to be given out at the 10th International Conference on Climate Change will go to:

Sen. Jim Inhofe, who will receive the Political Leadership on Climate Change Award, sponsored by The Heritage Foundation, at the breakfast keynote at 8 a.m. Thursday, June 11.

William Happer, Ph.D., winner of the 2015 Frederick Seitz Memorial Award, sponsored by the Science & Environmental Policy Project

David Legates, Ph.D., winner of the Courage in Defense of Science Award, sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation

Anthony Watts, winner of the Excellence in Climate Science Communication Award, sponsored by the International Climate Science Coalition

Robert M. Carter, Ph.D., winner of the Lifetime Achievement in Climate Science Award, sponsored by The Heartland Institute.

I know all of them by reputation and they are deserving.  But I only know one of the recipients, David Legates,  personally.  He is a man of principal and a real scholar.   He has faced real adversity from his University and from the politicians in his state.  They don’t want discussion or debate.  They want submission to their point of view. He has faced this opposition and carried on.  And this award signifies he has achieved widespread recognition for the high quality of his work.   Way to go David.




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