President Obama Is Prevaricating Again

The President in his weekly address did it again. He  said things that are demonstrably untrue and in other cases terribly misleading.  This comes after the debacle resulting from his lying when he made assurances about keeping your medical policy under Obamacare, period!!!!  Why is he doing it again?  Because he knows, with the compliance of the Main Stream Media (MSM),  he can mislead the low information voters.  And he is happy to be doing that. See the video of the address by clicking here.

He takes credit for the increase in oil production in the US.  He has had nothing to do with it.  And he knows that.   The oil boom comes from private landowners operating on non-federal land.(See chart below.)  He cannot prevent exploitation of those reserves.


Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration based on DrillingInfo and LCI Energy Insight

He has consciously taken actions to suppress oil production.  He has put off-limits much of the Federal fields.  He has reduced the number of leases that can be had on the few remaining Federal fields.  He has denied access to AWNR, the Alaskan area containing sizable reserves. He has had 5 years to approve Keystone XL pipeline, and hasn’t.   This chart shows how he is slowing energy production.


Contrary to wanting to increase the available domestic crude, he is determined to use the EPA to force reduction of the use of oil (and other fossil fuels) through heavy taxes and regulations.  This will cause a “manufactured” scarcity that will drive up fuel oil and gasoline prices.  Based upon the faulty AGW theory.

From the Institute for Energy Research:

“A week after the “government shutdown” began, President Obama and Sen. Ed Markey blamed the government shutdown for halting oil and natural gas drilling permits.”

“President Obama stated, “The Republicans say they’re very concerned about drilling,” adding “Well, one of the things that happens when the government shuts down is new drilling permits aren’t processed.” This is similar to a short document released by Sen. Markey which blames “The GOP government shutdown is going to lead to decreased oil, gas and renewable energy production on public lands and costing taxpayers money.”

“If President Obama and Sen. Markey were serious about oil and natural gas development on federal lands, they would look to states like Texas. The Texas oil and gas regulators have reduced permitting times to 5 days per well and are shooting for 3 days. That compares to 228 days for the BLM. “

The Congressional Research Service reported that on federal lands, oil production fell 6% and natural gas production fell 21% from the beginning of 2009 to the end of 2012. What a feeble attempt to try to blame this on the two week government partial shutdown,  Obama is the reason that Federal land’s production is down.

Further, Obama says the new renewables have made an impact on the reduction of oil use.   He cites solar and wind.  First of all, these sources make electricity.  Almost no oil is used to make electricity in the US.  So they have virtually nothing to do with reducing crude oil imports.   Secondly, the amount of electricity that solar and wind  provide is only about 4 % of the total US electricity production.  So they are nearly inconsequential.  And any attempt to say the miniscule number of electric vehicle has had an impact is even more pathetic.

He uses misleading statements when he says that improvements have come from his programs to increase the automobile fuel standards.  These new fuel standards don’t kick in until 2025. Is this any more than an attempt to mislead people?

Finally he talks about the economy.  The only reason the unemployment number isn’t higher than 7.5 % is that the Labor Department does not count the 13 to 15 million people that have given up looking for work.

The media will undoubtedly not point out the easily refutable things the President said.   Thus the low information voters will continue to buy into his lies and misrepresentations.


3 responses to “President Obama Is Prevaricating Again

  1. You might find this funny and not even know who he is but the ad which shows below the blog is for Justin Trudeau. A dyed in wool greenie who would shut off all oil and nuclear power in Canada in an instant if he ever becomes Prime Minister here. This might only affect people viewing your site from Canada but still an awfully funny choice for your host to place on a site dedicated to common sense and policy grounded in science.

  2. We have heard this all before.

    Cheers Roger

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