COP19 – Now The Fifth Successive UNFCCC Failure Is Complete

This is a reblog of Tory Aardvark’s welcome analysis of what is going on at COP19. My site recently posted on the problems facing the COP19 and how unwelcome it would be if they were successful. Tory’s posting allays many of my fears.

Tory Aardvark

That’s 5 UNFCCC COP failures in a row, an unprecedented record of failure, each Conference of the Parties has disintegrated faster than the COP that preceded it, with COP19 holding the current record.

There was never any doubt, from the outset that COP19 was going to be the biggest failure since records began, what has been surprising is the speed of that collapse, COP19 was effectively dead before it had begun.

It has just taken 5 days for COP19 to realize it was dead and hit the floor.

The make or break issue for COP19 was “loss and damage“, wealth redistribution to us regular folks and that great Green Socialist Barack Obama made sure that loss and damage was deader than Osama Bin Laden, before COP19 even started.

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One response to “COP19 – Now The Fifth Successive UNFCCC Failure Is Complete

  1. I know about the : ”climate change insanity” needs some sanity desperately

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