Skeptics Are At A Huge Disadvantage Regarding Funding.

It is misinformation, largely based upon purposeful lies, that a giant conspiracy funded by Big Oil is making people skeptical of the theory of man-made global warming.  Accordingly, this supposed campaign has been so good that the majority of people do not think that global warming is a significant issue.  Surely that must be the explanation, they say.  How else could such an insignificant number of people (skeptics) be so persuasive?

Lets assume that the premise that enough money can buy opinion is factual.  If so, who is getting the money?  The skeptics or the warmers?

In summary the Warmers get more than $25 billion per year.  I am guessing here, but I “swag*” that the Skeptics pull in something in the range of $25 and $50 million at a maximum.



The White House’s Fiscal Year 2013 report to Congress shows that more than $22 billions were spent on Climate Change Matters.  Yes, that is billions.


                                         Expenditure Category $ Millions
Global Change Research   2,463
Clean Energy Technology   5,783
International Assistance      797
Natural Resource Adaptation        95
Energy Tax Provisions That May Reduce Greenhouse Gases   4,999
Energy Payments In Lieu Of Tax Provisions   8,080

This isn’t the first year that the Fed’s have been lavishing money on those in the warmer community.  The Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) had estimated “…. that since 1993, the US has spent $150 Billion on Climate Change.”  Adding this current expenditure, it would suggest that it now is around $170 Billion.  Those tax issues are generated by support and subsidies for wind farms, solar farms, and electric cars, for example, all designed to “stop” global warming.  Think “Solyndra”, to get some idea of where this money is going.  That buys a lot of support from the crony capitalism crowd.

The money supply for the Warmers does not stop with the US Federal Government. Many Governments in Europe also provide lavish funding to the warmers in their respective countries.

Then there is the Green movement, the Non-Government Organizations (NGO).  The following table shows just one year’s expenditures by several of the major Green organizations that are advocating the man-made global warming theory.  (For the source of this data click here.)

Green Organization (NGO) Program Expend,  $
Nature Conservancy  672,757,000
World Wildlife Fund  139,971,000
Environmental Defense    70,755,000
Nature Resource Defense Council    76,931,000
Sierra Club Foundation    46,672,000
World Resource Inst.    34,831,000
Union of Concerned Scientists    18,029,000
Strats for Global Environment       5,641,000
Center For American Progress     31,390,000
Greenpeace     160,000,000
 Subtotal 1,257,790,000

Program expenditures are the monies they devote to carrying out their programs.  Cost of collection, and similar operating costs are not included.

At the upcoming UN sponsored COP19 in Warsaw beginning 11 November 2013, over 1,598 NGOs and 99 IGOs will attend this meetings.  The preceding table list just 10 of the IGOs.  These groups are committed to the theory of man-made global warming.   Unfortunately, interviews with people attending these meetings make it clear that many of them have almost no comprehension of the science involved and worse, they don’t seem to care.  Theirs is a religious experience that works on faith not facts. The IGOs include the World Bank, NATO, the OECD, and the International Energy Agency (IEA).  All of these organizations have programs supporting theory of man-made global warming. And don’t think that money does not play a big part in their going along with the man-made global warming theory.

It appears that all that money has not been well spent.  After all, they have no answer for why there is no statistically significant warming for the past 17 years in spite of a continuous growth of atmospheric CO2.


What is Exxon doing?  Quoting from the March 20, 2013 posting: “Lets get ExxonMobil out of the discussion.   From the ExxonMobil 2011 Corporate Citizenship Report we learn that they are no longer funding anyone that “questions the science of climate change”.

Most corporations in the energy business spend their money on “clean energy” programs—They are in the energy business, so it makes sense that they would  do that research.  It could also be a defensive move to prevent their being subject to Federal punitive actions to those who don’t toe the line.

The Koch Brothers are thought to be big spenders.  They spend money on conservative causes but most of it is directed at policy issues. Some of which are environmental, but not the majority.  The big money guy is George Soros who gives to liberal causes Click here if you want to know more about Soros.  You can be assured that his money never is given to a Skeptic or a Skeptical organization.

The infamous DeSmog Blog, whose job is to attempt to put skeptics in a“bad light” (in their opinion) very often tell you that the suspect is associated with the Heartland Institute or George C Marshall Institute, so these two must be the biggest winners in the “contributions to skeptic organization” contest.  An examination of their contribution income last year was Marshall–$342,000 and Heartland—-$4,008,000 for a combined total of $4,350,000.  Exxon has not given to Heartland for the past seven years and the Koch Brothers gave $25,000 last year for work on health care reform.  That was the first money the Kochs had donated since 1998.  So if Heartland and Marshall are the standouts in getting in getting oil money, the Skeptics are not doing well financially.  How much, is anyone’s guess but its probably somewhere between $25 and $50 million at a maximum if you could get numbers from every possible skeptic source—including “tip jars”.

By the way, if you thought that Senator Joe McCarthy was the epitome of guilt by association, you were wrong. DeSmog blog holds that tile.  Their main customers are the mainstream media, who willingly buy into their garbage.  DeSmog Blog lets you know when they think that someone is unqualified to have an opinion.   So it figures that Al Gore would be on the list, because everyone knows he is not qualified and because he sold his “on lifesupport” TV network to that oil rich nation, Qatar.   Wow, Gore is not even listed.  It must be that getting paid lots of money by big oil and having no qualifications are ok if you are a warmer.

*Swag=Scientific Wild Assed Guess


2 responses to “Skeptics Are At A Huge Disadvantage Regarding Funding.

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  2. Unfortunately for the bedwetters, although we may well not have the funds, Mother Nature herself is on the side of us sceptics, as is rapidly becoming clear.

    No warming for 17 years and counting, and an increasing number of climate McScientists becoming increasingly aware that the climate may well be starting to cool, the rats have already started to desert the sinking ship.

    It will be fascinating to see what excuses are offered for the biggest scientific screw-up in all of recorded history, and who will be held responsible.

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