Kyoto Did Not Level The Playing Field, But Obama’s New Climate Policies May Do That

President Obama’s outlined his new climate policies in a recent speech.   My take away from the speech is that it is a way to increase Federal revenue by taxing carbon use.  And it is mainly done through new regulations developed by his EPA.  Congress just a well go home because they never see the need to challenge the usurping of their powers.    The consequence of these policies will be significantly higher electricity prices, and the poorest among us will be the primary victims of this action.  Once again, in the name of the environment,  he will forego focusing on bringing about  the nation’s recovery.   Interestingly, one posting suggests that this will level the playing field between the US and Europe.  That was the basis for the European’s support of the Kyoto Treaty, but it did not work for them because the US chose not to enter into the Treaty.  A posting on by Peter Gosselin titled “Obama Is Merely Leveling The Energy Playing Field With Europe – Declares An End To Cheap American Energy is interesting to get his view from Europe.  He writes:

Currently German industry pays more than twice as much for its electricity than in the USA, and three to four times more for natural gas (USA is now exploiting its massive reserves of shale gas using fracking technology as Europe moves to ban fracking).

This increasingly unlevel energy playing field (created by Europe itself) is precisely what is driving Obama’s newly announced energy policy. Europeans have long complained that their competitiveness has been hampered by the USA’s “irresponsibly” low energy and electricity prices, and have insisted that Obama level the playing field by increasing prices in the USA. Somehow (using climate), Europe has convinced the USA to make its energy more expensive. Obama is happy to oblige.

Over the next decade Americans need to expect a Europeanization of American fossil energy prices. This is the what’s behind the plan announced by Obama yesterday. Obama is more than willing and ready to implement any scheme that is designed to punish Americans, it seems. This is only the first step.

Europe tells America: please repeat our blunders

Creating high prices for fossil fuels is only one component in “leveling the energy playing field”. Europe also expects America to repeat its renewable energy folly as well. America too must have a truly shoddy patchwork of inefficient and unpredictable renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, and an unstable power grid. Only this way can the playing field between America and Europe truly be level. European companies will then surely think twice about moving their operations to the USA.

Declaration of war on blue-collar workers

Ironically not long ago the stated objective of western politicians was to generate prosperity for its citizens. Today it’s precisely the opposite. Obama’s plan is nothing less than an assault on American industry and millions of blue collar workers.

On the mark, Peter Gosselin.


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