More Scandals–EPA This Time

Posting from titled  “Psst: There are four separate scandals going on at EPA right now” is an interesting read.  The four do not include the EPA “study” as directed by the Supreme Court to determine if CO2 were a threat to the nation.  Of course the EPA found that it was a serious, immediate threat and was then granted the right to write regulations to control CO2.   The biggest fool was of course the Supreme Court that turned that question over to the EPA assuming the Court actually expected a reasoned decision.  The EPA really never did a study, just took the IPCC report, which meant that the question was answered in the affirmative.  All they had to do was to silence their own people that had a different opinion, which they did, and ignore any of the written comments which were not consistent with their already formulated decision. Got that off my chest, at least for a while.  On to the Hotair posting.

They are:

1)   The EPA gave an ethics award to fake employee, “Richard Windsor,” who was already just an unethically created e-mail alias for the agency’s former head, Lisa P. Jackson.

2)   The EPA makes conservatives pay a fortune for FOIAs to be granted while waiving fees for liberal groups.

3)   EPA contractors are basically Gym, Tan, and Laundrying in new, swanky rec rooms thanks to your tax money.

4)   The EPA leaked confidential information on farmers and cattle facilities to environmental groups. No bigs.

My guess is that the first one could be the big one if they can get Lisa P Jackson’s emails that she created using the name of Richard Windsor.

The details for each of the four scandals are covered in the posting which can be accessed by clicking here. I hope that Congress looks into these.


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