Chreos Electric Car Claims 640hp And 620 Mile Range!!

Silex Power located in Malta claims they will build an electric car,  powered by  batteries, when fully charged, will have a range of 1000km (620miles), develop 640 horsepower, attain road speeds of 186mph, and to top that all off, it can be recharged in 10minutes.  The concept car looks good, see below:
When you try to sound out the name “Chreos”  it is easy to come up with “Cheerios” a US breakfast cereal. (Silex Power say that is not the correct pronunciation.) The name Silex has been in use for some long time for a coffee maker sold by Proctor Silex.  So, frankly my first suspicion was that this was a pretend press release from the “Onion” a US news satire organization.
But it seems these people want to be taken seriously even though they don’t have this vehicle yet and it will be perhaps 3 years away before one is ready for sale to the public.  Yet much of their story is shrouded in mystery.  From their February Press release:
“It is still premature to disclose our technologies and advancements, which are fruit of years of research and development.”
All electric cars on the market are designed to charge from a domestic power outlet or in some instances, a slightly higher-powered outlet in order to attain a faster charging time. Our Hypercharge technology aims to solve that issue. We will not enter into the merits of the batteries that Chreos has, nor how they manage to charge in under 10 minutes,…..”
Their April Press Release was more specific:
Constructed totally of carbon fibre and other exotic materials, Chroes weighs in at 2200kgs. LED and OLED lighting technology will be utilized throughout the car including headlamps and taillights.  The drive train of Chreos is nothing short of revolutionary! Featuring 4 electric motors (one per wheel) delivering a 680bhp and a staggering 4400Nm of torque, Chreos will sprint from 0 to 100Km/h in less than 2.9 seconds, and reach 200Km/h in less than 6 seconds. The vehicle is capable of reaching a comfortable top speed of 300Km/h. Its battery pack – a massive 200KWh – provides an overall travelling distance of 1000Km on a single charge, thus sustaining a vehicle autonomy that is unheard of at this level of performance; all this with zero tailpipe emissions.
Silex Power plan to manufacture 300 Chreos and then concentrate on a “comprehensive range of vehicles”.  Headquaters and manufacturing will be in Malta.  Since the plan is to do the  manufacturing in Malta, maybe the Energy Department wont be tempted to provide financing.
This sounds a bit like Fisker on steroids.

One response to “Chreos Electric Car Claims 640hp And 620 Mile Range!!

  1. The mileage of the chreos electric cars when the battery is fully charged is 1000km which is unbelievable.

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