Chinese Will Not Reduce CO2 Emissions

You have probably seen something in the newspapers to the effect that the Chinese are planing to put in place a carbon tax to manage their emissions.  If you really follows this issue, you  know that the Chinese have made other promises regarding carbon control but they haven’t followed through. Reuters says that the Chinese may get around to putting this program into action but it wont be until the next decade.  The program as described by the Chinese news agencies is laughable. The plan would start at the equivalent of $1.20 per ton and work up to $8 per ton of carbon. The Brookings Institution says this is “puny” and will fail to provide incentives for companies to reduce carbon. What the Chinese are serious about is creating jobs for their people. They have 1.3 billion people with a per capita GDP of $9,100 versus the US’s GDP of $49,800. They will continue to pretend they are serious about reducing CO2 emissions hoping that the US ruins its economy by enacting a “carbon tax” or “cap and trade”.  After 16 years of no global temperature increase, when are the greens going to admit that CO2 is not a major factor?

2 responses to “Chinese Will Not Reduce CO2 Emissions

  1. Chinese emissions of carbon dioxide will have no effect whatsoever on global climate. I am sceptical of beliefs to the contrary. Kind regards from David Currie

  2. Most CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the sea, which exerts a partial pressure in the atmosphere. This natural CO2 eclipses any anthropogenic produced CO2. The Chinese are justified in not taking much notice of urgings to reduce use of fossil fuels. Sent by David R Currie, 15 Rakeiora Grove Korokoro, Lower Hutt New Zealand

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