Collapsing Consensus–Next Targets Are The Professional Societies

In my previous posting I wondered when the “consensus” scientists would begin to openly call into question the theory that CO2 is the primary forcing agent driving global warming. The longer the “pause” in global warming continues, (the IPCC head, Dr. Pachuri said the pause is now at 17 years), the harder it must be to steadfastly hold to the CO2 theory. Skeptics largely agree that CO2 is a forcing agent but have maintained that natural forces were probably the dominate force. In my opinion, the Sun is most likely the major forcing agent even though the exact mechanism has yet to be proven.

In a posting by P. Gosselin titled “Collapsing Consensus – Another German Meteorology Site Wonders About The Global Temperature Stagnation “ he lists four German scientist that have openly rethought their position on this issue. Gosselin’s posting begins:

“Last week German meteorologist Dominik Jung openly wondered what had happened to all the warming, pointing out that Germany was suffering from its fifth consecutive colder than normal winter – a record! Earlier this month renowned meteorologist Prof. Dr. Horst Marlberg announced that global warming was finished, and that cooling was ahead for the next decades. Last month German meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt (photo above) dismissed (again) global warming catastrophism. And just days ago, yet another German meteorology site questioned global warming in a piece titled: “Global Warming Stagnates – Guessing The Causes“.”

Don’t you love the “Guessing The Causes”

Using the links provided you can review their reasoning.

Marc Morano has posted “More than 1000 International scientist dissent over man-made global warming claims”.

So the numbers of the skeptics and “lukewarmers” continue to rise as the “warmer” ranks decline. Good new, thus demonstrating that scientists are rational when given the data. However, I maintain that the professional societies need to face the facts and back-off their staunch support of the unproven CO2 as the major climate forcing agent theory. The World’s governing bodies want to impose cap and trade or carbon taxes or other schemes that would bring literally billions or perhaps trillions of dollars into their treasuries. If they lost the cover provided by the too willing cabals at the top of these professional societies, they would not be able enact laws that penalize the people they govern. If the professional societies changed their stance of the CO2 issue,the media, which loves stories of impending catastrophe, would have to rethink giving newspaper space for the stories of doom served up by the alarmist. So if you are a member of a professional society, get in there and force some change. The IPCC will also be required to rethink their advocacy of CO2 as the major climate forcing agent if the Professional Societies move away from their similar advocacy.


One response to “Collapsing Consensus–Next Targets Are The Professional Societies

  1. Careful observation will show that any warming always precedes CO2 buildup and cooling precedes decline in CO2. The IPPC should not try and establish science by consensus but should look for evidence instead. David R Currie MSc. Auckland 1958

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