World And USA CO2 Emissions

Two good posts accounting for the past and recent CO2 emissions (man-made only, no natural CO2 emissions included).

The first posting has charts prepared by Ed Hoskins and appeared on the WUWT website.

This chart shows that China is now the no. 1 source of man-made CO2 emissions.  Other charts illustrating change in emissions since 1965 can be seen by clicking here.

Another interesting posting is that the US has, over the past six years,  reduced its carbon emissions more than any other nation in the world.  This did not happen because of the Kyoto Protocol.  It occured due to a combination of factors, e.g., natural gas replacing coal, improved efficiency and  lower output resulting from the recession.  Remember that the recession has been a common factor for virtually all nations.  More about this can be read in a posting by Jack Spencer on the CAPCOM Michigan Capitol Confidential website titled “Shhh, US leads World in Carbon Emissions Reductions”  Click here to read more.  It has not been a result of the installation of alternative energy sources.


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