AGW is Dead–Long Live Cap&Trade?-Part 1

Senator Graham said of the new bill just introduced into the Senate:

“It’s not a global warming bill to me.  Because global warming as a reason to pass legislation doesn’t exist any more.  There is no bipartisan support for a Cap-and-Trade bill based on global warming”.

So why does the misnamed “American Power Act”, despite what Graham said, have a Cap-and-Trade provision when there is no reason to limit CO2?

Graham’s thinking is correct with regard to man-made-global warming (AGW).  The AGW theory was thoroughly discredited when the movement’s leaders’ deceit was exposed by the Climategate scandal. The American people don’t want Cap-and-Trade.  Nor do the Chinese, the Indians, the Brazilian, etc.  Even the Europeans are now saying “no mas” to future cap and trade programs.

Cap-and-Trade is designed to ratchet up the price of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal, etc) making them so expensive that we will be required to limit our use of gasoline, electricity, and home heating.  The citizens of the US are convinced that this is something they do not need to do.   And contrary to the warmists and the media spin, it’s not that they are uninformed but rather as they become more informed, they are less and less in favor of Cap-and-Trade.

But the political elites and many rent seeking corporations are determined to foist it on us.  In this case I do not believe they, “as the adults”, think they know better and must lead the “children” to a better place.   Believe me its not altruism, it is money and power that drives them.

The current administration appears to be after control of the Nation’s private sector.  They have voted themselves control of the medical sector.  They have introduced legislation to give them control of the financial sector (the part that they don’t already control).  Now it is energy.

History shows us that government has terrible a record of picking winners and losers in the people’s business.   Think of those nations where the government runs everything.  Put in mind, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and most recently, Greece.  Our nation has been successful because the market place (you and me) picks the winners.  Remember President Carter was going to save us in the 80tys, by funding new facilities to use coal to make synthetic oil. Seemed like a good idea but it was not economically viable.  But with Cap-and-Trade, the Obama government doesn’t care if good choices are made, money will roll into the IRS coffers in any event.

And the government will have control through regulations.  Every liberals dream—tax and regulate.

Senator Kerry says that this is a stronger bill because  some corporations were at the negotiation table and helped formulate this bill.   Yes,  they were, but these corporations are equally as insidious when they carve out dispensations for themselves so that they can profit at the expense of their competition and the people that got them up the ladder by purchasing their products.

In my next blog I will expand on the fraud taking place in Cap and Trade markets, and the disgusting things that some corporations are doing in support of this bill all in the name of profit.


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