Oceans to Rise 1″ in 526 years. Man the Lifeboats.

Wattsupwiththat.com posts a blog about a University of Leeds press release titled “Melting Icebergs causing sea level rise”.  According to Professor Andrew Shepherd it would be unwise to discount this signal.  After he explains how melting icebergs cause this threat, he provides the punch line which is, “……the net effect is to increase sea level by 2.6% of its volume which is equivalent to 49 micrometers per year spread across the global oceans.”

Now you may already be laughing.  WUWT does the math (49 micrometers equals 0.0019 inches) and concludes, it will take 526 years to result in one inch of sea level rise because of this “threat.”  See the full story here.

The best laugh I got from this press release was a comment made on this story; as follows:

H.R. says:

April 30, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Note to self: in 526 years, send trousers to tailor and have them hemmed up.


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