The West Cannot StopThe Underdeveloped Nations From Wanting to ImproveTheir People’s Wealth

The man-made global warming alarmists are trying to prevent the poor nations from getting fossil fuels to build their nations wealth. Loans to provide money to build electrification facilities powered by fossil fuels are denied. But these nations will not be denied. They will not be tricked into building unreliable wind or solar farms. China for example installs, each year, more new coal based plants than the rest of the world combined. Annual coal consumption is setting new records. And the hypocrisy of particularly of the EU Nations that have turned to coal to power their nations when their wind, and solar are unable to make up for the lost natural gas supplies from Russia. Just one more reason for the poorer nations to turn to fossil fuels.

The Oxford Union conducted a debate ” This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far”. The last speaker was Konstantin Kisin. The attached video, his speech, can be watched by clicking here.

I am not sure that those viewers of this blog that are not linked to Twitter, will be able to see this video. Please sign up with Twitter, now that it has new ownership. It’s worth it for this video.


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