Secrets That Global Warming Alarmists Don’t Want You To Know- Part 2 -Current Temperatures Are Not Alarming

Recent global temperatures are said to be all time records.  Without any doubt, they say, a degree more will cause severe damage and perhaps be existential.  That is just another salvo of “we are all going to die” misinformation.   Unfortunately there seems to be no member of the media willing to publish a list of the many times we have been told we only have X number of years left before it is too late. The media people are too lazy to do so, or they are politically motivated to keep the scam alive.  Part 1 Secrets that Global Warming Alarmist Don’t Want You To Know Shows the inaccuracy of the Climate models.

Are global temperatures rising?

Not significantly.  And recently they are falling.

Look at the new satellite temperature measurement chart and notice that the March 2021 anomaly is similar to those in 2014-2015 time frame.  March anomaly dropped 0.2C.   And this is after two El Ninos that really boosted the temperature anomalies.  Will April and following months continue a cooling phase?  We can’t be sure, but odds are that it will.  Latest Global Temps « Roy Spencer, PhD (

These satellite measurements are not an outliner.  And they are consistent with weather balloon temperature readings.  Chart Courtsey of Dr.Roy Spencer

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce that focuses on the conditions of the oceans, major waterways, and the atmosphere.

The following NOAA chart shows that the combined global land and ocean temperature has not been rising for the last 5 years, in fact it shows a slight decline.  During this period, atmospheric CO2 has been rising.   They confirm the cooling trend.

Then there is the global warming hiatus.   From 1998 until 2013 there was almost no increase in global temperatures. 

See the NOAA chart below

This caused a lot of agony among the alarmists. Fifteen years, rising atmospheric CO2, four El Ninos with hardly any rise in temperature. The 4 El Ninos raised the temperature and then fell when a La Nina occurred.   NOAA charts from  Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) (

According to Wikipedia:

“It is believed that El Niño has occurred for thousands of years”  and  “There is no consensus whether climate change will have any influence on the occurrence, strength or duration of El Niño events, as research supports El Niño events becoming stronger, longer, shorter and weaker.” 

So, the observed rise in global temperature following an El Nino-La Nina is as likely to be caused by natural causes as by man-made causes. And the trend in the period of the hiatus was only +0.09/Decade.  At that rate, after 100 years, the global temperature rise would be less than 1C— hardly worth all the alarm.

Even at the +0.14c /decade rise of the satellite observed temperatures since 1979, it would take 70 years to raise it 1C.

The warmest ever and the most CO2 ever are claimed, seemingly, monthly by the alarmists.  You are to believe that the current period is the” perfect” climate and any change is perilous.

The alarmists want all the scientific work establishing previous climate condition shoved down the memory hole, never to be seen again.   The globe has seen higher CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and higher temperatures than those being experienced today.  The chart below illustrates this.

Berner RA, Kothavala Z (2001)GEOCARBlll: CO2 over Phanerozoic time.

And we know that the globe has also been much colder.

So now you know that the global temperature is not rising, in fact for the last 5 years the temperature has been falling.  Further, you know that the Alarmists forecasts of rapidly increasing global warming are not happening.   Their computer programs are biased to predict increasingly warming temperatures in order to scare people into going along with their bogus science.  It is also clear that the rise in global temperatures might be just natural changes.  Do not discount natural changes.  What do you think began melting the glaciers that covered much of North America some 12 to 15 thousand years ago?  It was not CO2 from SUV exhaust pipes.   

I am going to use Dr. Roy Spencer’s comment in one of his recent blogs.  It goes like this:

Seldom is the public ever informed of these glaring discrepancies between basic science and what politicians and pop-scientists tell us.

Why does it matter?

It matters because there is no Climate Crisis. There is no Climate Emergency.

Yes, irregular warming is occurring. Yes, it is at least partly due to human greenhouse gas emissions. But seldom are the benefits of a somewhat warmer climate system mentioned, or the benefits of more CO2 in the atmosphere (which is required for life on Earth to exist).

But if we waste trillions of dollars (that’s just here in the U.S. — meanwhile, China will always do what is in the best interests of China) then that is trillions of dollars not available for the real necessities of life.

Prosperity will suffer, and for no good reason.

Go have your kids read this.


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