“Climate Change Action” Least Favored Option In UN Poll Of Over 9 Million People.

 President Elect Donald Trump is expected to defund much of the man-made global warming activity because it’s a theory that is generally unsupported by actual measurements. Although you will continue to read that it is happening and it is going to be catastrophic and if he defunds this research, we will leave a dying planet to our children.  Perhaps, but the supporters of this theory do not seem to come up with anything better than computer forecasts of this upcoming doom. 

The media are also going to tell you that everyone but a few skeptics and President Trump want something done now and money is no object.  But do the people here in the US and across the world really feel that way?  Results from polls and studies show that global warming action is hardly the people choice.   Global warming is almost always the people’s last choice.  The UN polled some 9 million plus people from around the globe asking them what they wanted.  What they said was that they wanted; good education, good health care, jobs, honest government, affordable food, clean water and sanitary conditions, etc.  The final item on the list, #17 was “Action taken on climate change.”  That poll result can be seen by clicking here.

“Action taken on climate change” has a lot of champions all of which are financed by that movement.  “Scientists”, governments, NGO’s, and tyrant rulers of nations looking for ‘free” money from the developed nations don’t want the gravy train to come to a halt.   Think of the loss of income for those groups if the money is spent on the real needs of the globe’s people. 

 It is not a new issue.  It’s just one the global warmers have ignored because it may serve the people well, it does not serve the warmers bank accounts well. 

Bjorn Lomborg among others have concluded the obvious.    See here and here.

The recent Pew Research poll also shows that only a relatively small percentage of the American people believe that CO2 is a significant issue.  See here.

The just completed Conference of the Parties (COP) 22 in Marrakech, Morocco was supposed to highlight the progress demanded by the Paris Agreement, devised at COP 21. The closing reports tell us that the meeting was enormously successful—they always say this for public attribution but it never is factual.  The two most important issues from the Paris Agreement are reduction of atmospheric CO2 and money contributions to the UN.   First, the $100 billion treasury to be created by the developed nations to be given as aid to the underdeveloped nations is apparently woefully short of its goal.  While I have not found any recital of the actual amount in the treasury, the reports from COP 22 were that it was not anywhere near its goal.  Further, President-Elect Donald Trump has said that the US is withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.  Assuming he does this, the major money supplier to the UN (virtually in every sense) will likely make the Paris Agreement, just as the Kyoto Agreement, a sham being played out with little chance of becoming a success.

Secondly, they noted that CO2 reductions were going according to plan.  Well, because China and India are expanding their coal based power facilities, little progress if any is being made here.  The US, thanks to the abundance of fracked natural gas, has been lowering its total emissions. But that is an economic decision rather than one to comply with the UN goals.  Several of the European nations—Germany, Spain, Denmark, to name a few) are delaying any attempt at reduction of CO2 have realized that wind and solar cannot keep the lights on.  And they are also reeling from the high price of power in those nations brought about by the large subsidies given to the renewables.


A WUWT website post by Willis Eshenbach titled “The UN Poll Redux” is very inciteful.  I recommend that you read it.


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