In light of recent events – a possible United States climate change action plan

I am reblogging this posting from WattsUpWithThat titled “In light of recent events-a Possible United States Climate Change Action Plan” by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley. In a recent posting, I said that if Hillary Clinton was to become the President of the US, there would be no way to stop the misguided catastrophic global warming theory. Monckton has provided a 1O step plan to stop these wasteful expenditures that can be enacted by Donald Trump, who was elected to become the US’s next President.

Watts Up With That?

Last night, there was this tweet:


The fellow works for Buzzfeed, and highly liberal and pro-climate outfit. It was quite an admission. Since existing climate plans are almost certain to be on the scrap heap now, here’s a new plan from Christopher Monckton. I agree with most of it, except item 7 “Abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency”. That’s not really practical. Before “climate change” became the universal boogeyman for any enviro-ailment, real or imagined, the EPA actually did useful work in dealing with real, tangible, pollution issues. We have cleaner air, cleaner lakes, and cleaner waterways today because of that. So rather than abolish it, which would allow resurgence of those problems by the unscrupulous, I think a significant curtailment, plus a revocation of their powers of enforcement – putting enforcement in the hands of law, is a better choice.. – Anthony

Guest opinion by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

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