Plate Climatology Theory

ClimateChangeDispatch posted “Global Warming and Plate Climatology Theory” on 7 October 2014.   The posting was written by James Edward Kamis, a Geologist who says he believes there is a probable connection between Geology and Climate. He begins this discussion of his theory by saying:

“The Sun, quite obviously, is the first order driver of Earth’s climate, but a much neglected second order driver can contribute significantly to short-term variations. The theory proposed herein is that periods of active Earth tectonism can be correlated to periods of active climate change and climate related events.

Increased global tectonic activity equates to more faulting and crustal plate movement, which leads to more global heat release from faults, fractures and volcanoes that are more active.

Altered heat input equates to climate change.


Mr. Kamis’ posting has 5 parts, together encompassing his theory.   Which you can read by clicking on the link above. Having read this posting, I was left feeling that his theory, while possibly a valid one, is not well supported. The problem is that he presumes that there is a vast amount of sea floor volcanoes and accepting that as a fact he tells the reader how those volcanoes are altering climate.   He illustrates his case saying that El Nino and La Nina (ENSO) are caused by seafloor volcanoes. He may be right, but his explanations of how it all works, seems quite a long way away from proving his case.

Kamis provides more detail in a poster presentation he and Paul Kamis made at the American Meteorological Society January 2016 meeting. You can view the poster presentation by clicking here.(Then click on Handout.) The posters coverage of Antarctica’s glacier melting and the Arctic Ocean high temperature seem to be well documented by many sources. Likely seafloor volcanic activity at play.

The discussion on the  Kamis’s  Poster Presentation of ENSO is shown as follows:

El Ninos

  • Originate at Fixed / Non-Moving Point Source
  • All El Nino’s Originate at Identical Fixed/Non-Moving Point Source
  • Point Source is Known Geologically Active Area
  • Point Source is Known Deep Heat Source Area
  • No Relationship to Modern or Historic Atmospheric temperature Trends
  • SST Anomalies are Unique
  • SST Anomalies Infer Intense/Concentrated Energy Source
  • Hydrothermal Vents are Mini-Ocean Analogs
  • Continental Volcanic Eruptions Are Land Analogs
  • No El Nino’s at Other Locations
  • HE Concentration Alters at Point Source
  • Plankton Blooms Originate at Point source
  • Mega-Plumes are Known to Exist
  • La Nina’s Originate at Identical Point Source
  • High Fluid Flow from Geological Source is a Key Factor

 La Ninas

  • Originate at El Nino Fixed/Non-Moving Point Source
  • Both El Nino’s and La Nina’s Caused by Here-to-Fore Undefined Major Geological Feature Here Proposed – Deep Ocean Mega-Fluid Flow System (DOMFFS)
  • Same Geological Heat and Fluid Pulse as El Nino, and Represent the  Non-Heated Seawater Phase of a DOMFFS Pulse
  • DOMFFS are Long-Lasting, Mega Fluid Flow Systems

From this Poster overview, comes “Both El Nino’s and La Nina’s caused by Here-to-Fore Undefined Major Geological Feature Here Proposed—Deep Ocean MegaFluid Flow System (DOMFFS). “   This DOMFFS may exist but I am unaware of support evidence for this concept.



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