Bjorn Lomborg Says Global Warming Is A Poor Place To Spend $

Bjorn Lomborg, a Danish economist, joins the “consensus” supporting the theory of man-made global warming (AGW), but not catastrophic man-made global warming (CAGW). He is disliked intensely by the wamers but not because he doesn’t believe in CAGW. He gets this lack of love because he believes that the money spent in the name of global warming is largely misspent. He says the money would be better spent to reduce malnutrition, make immunizations available, better education, prevention of AIDs, providing electrical power to reduce air pollution, etc. These beliefs are laid out in the TED talk video below.

This a fascinating talk.  He shows how much improved Earth has become from 1900 to 2013 and projects changes to 2050.

He has formed an organization named the Copenhagen Consensus whose goals is to set priorities among a series of proposals for confronting ten of the world’s most important challenges.

Lomborg has made many presentations. In his earlier talks, he dismissed global warming as not one of the world’s most important challenges. He got criticism for that and although his team’s   research has not changed, he now discusses AGW and the “why” for the lower ranking

In the TED talk given in 2013 (shown above), he discusses AGW but says that at the current time the warming is a plus for humanity because the CO2 is increasing crop yields and heat saves lives whereas cold does not.

From the TED blog “Me: Help me, Bjorn Lomborg, I didn’t understand your new TED Talk. Bjorn: Sure, AMA”+ he is quoted as saying:

” Fundamentally, my point is that we have limited resources and we need to spend our money in the best possible way.

That is only possible if we focus on the right things. This project is about bringing the numbers back in, and remembering that even if some things are really, really boring, they can be incredibly important”.

Think of the billions of dollars spent on studying global warming, funding questionable organizations and funding renewable energy projects that have uniformly failed or continue to exist only because of the continuing supply of subsidies provided by the rate payers. And don’t forget the money that will come from a carbon tax or a cap and trade scheme that will be extorted from the public for use by politicians.

Bjorn approaches the issues logically. Western civilization is not about to be wrecked by CAGW.  But our lives will be diminished by the politicians that love taxing and regulating.

I will probably do at least one more Bjorn Lomborg posting.

Don’t forget that there isn’t anything called “Government Money”. The money that the government has is money that it took from you and me.










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