CAGW Is A Religion—As Illustrated By Members of The Royal Society Of London

The Royal Society of London was formed in 1660. The membership contains many world famous scientists such as Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Michele Dougherty (no kidding), etc. They consider themselves the world’s preeminent science society. In any event,  they must certainly rank among the world’s most eminent.


According to’s posting, “EXCLUSIVE: ‘WE’LL ALL BE DEAD BEFORE CLIMATE CHANGE ORGS ADMIT THEY’RE WRONG’ SAYS MP”, the Royal Society has sent emissaries out to convert climate skeptics to believers in the theory of catastrophic man-made global warming (CAGW). The Breitbart posting discusses Member of Parliament David Davies comments as this:

” Speaking of the ‘hiatus’ in global warming that has been observed since the end of the 20th century, and the doubt that it has cast on climate change modelling – points which had been discussed at length at the Global Warming Policy Foundation event – Davies remarked:

“They had two guys whose job it was to go around and persuade everyone that we’re all trying the ruin the economy.

“We pinned them down on this hiatus… they were arguing that yes, there might have been a hiatus, but warming might be going into the ocean, or it could be due to volcanic activity. So we asked at what point would you begin to accept there had been no warming. If there is no warming for five years, or ten years?

“Finally they conceded they would wait fifty years.

“We asked would that be fifty years from now, or fifty years from 1997, when the hiatus started? They said they wouldn’t change their mind for fifty years from now.

“Effectively, we’re all going to be dead before the Royal Society admits they’ve got their facts wrong. There could be absolutely no warming every year for the next fifty years, and the Royal Society would still maintain that climate change is a major problem”.

That is an interesting position considering that the period from 1975 to 1998 is the “gold standard” as far as warmers go. That 23-year period is said by them to have proven the correctness of their CAGW theory man-made global warming. And of course they add, if CO2 use is not reined in, catastrophic weather will result.

Most rational people (NOAA excluded) concur that no statistically significant global warming has been going on for at least 18+ or perhaps as much as 22 years. But the gentlemen from the Royal Society want the pause/hiatus to go for another 50 years and they say they still won’t be convinced that CAGW is not correct.

That sounds like faith, not science. Their position of faith rather than science   would make their theory a religion.


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