Now For Something Entirely Different has a page with “40 maps that explain the universe”. Photos and drawing plus text are there for your review. Some of the illustrations are really eye catching. For example:

Even a single comet is pretty darn big



This is the comet 67P/C-G — which the Philae probe landed on in November 2014 — superimposed on Los Angeles. In terms of space, the comet is absolutely tiny: just 3.5 miles wide.

 And Mars!


Using North America to illustrate the size of the Moon.

The Milky Way.


Our solar system is within the circle.   You can enlarge the view by clicking on the picture. The Horsehead Nebula is part of the Milky Way—–who knew?

Although the title is Maps, it is not all maps  Hope you enjoy .  To visit the website click here.


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