July EV Sales Down But Still Some Hope For 100,000 Sales By Year End

July sales for the leaders, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf were off compared to their June sales.  The Volt sold 1,788 in July versus 2,698 in June.  The Leaf sales were 1,864 in July versus 2,225 in June.

The table below shows the models having sold more that 1000 vehicles year-t0-date.  (Tesla would be in this table but they only report sales quarterly.)

Nissan Leaf 1,864 11,703
Chevy Volt 1,788 11,643
Toyota Prius Plug-In     817   5,035
Ford  C-Max Energi    433   2,915
Ford Fusion Energi    407  1,991
Ford Focus Electric    150  1,050

The following models sales did not reach the level of 1,000 year-to-date:

Honda Accord plug –in Hybrid, Mitsubishi i-MEV, Smart Electric Drive, Chevy Spark EV, Toyota Tesla Powered RAV4 EV  and Honda Fit EV(the Fit is leased only).

Green Car Reports posting “Plug-In Electric Car Sales For July: Leaf Up, Volt Down (FINAL UPDATE)”  maintains that the plug-ins are on track for something near 100,000 car sales by year-end.  Based upon July sales,  I am skeptical about that goal being reached by year end.


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