Sandy Proof of Global Warming?–Part 2

Recently a Washington Post article by Melinda Henneberger stated that  “Sandy puts climate change back in the conversation”.  To bolster the author’s case, she relied upon politicians among whom were Dan Quayle and NY mayor Bloomberg for “expert” analysis. The only scientist quoted was the widely discredited James Hansen who offered evidence in the form of heat waves in Russia and drought in Texas and Oklahoma.  The “bible” of the warmers are the reports issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  However the IPCC says that man’s influence on extreme weather is uncertain and may not be known for another 30 years.  About American Central Plains droughts, the IPCC says that droughts there have decreased in recent decades.  Although not a hurricane, Sandy was a serious storm abetted by high tides. But the author is obviously not a student of history or she would have known that many hurricanes have hit the East Coast over the years that were much more violent than Sandy.  For example, the category 3 “New England Hurricane” of September 1938 made landfall on Long Island.  In the years 1954 and1955, three category 3 and two category 4 hurricanes hit the East Coast of the US.

Over the years there were many other major Atlantic  hurricanes . (See listing in Wiki by clicking here.)  Most of which predate the current time where warmist claim that hurricanes are more frequent and deadly due to rising amounts of atmospheric CO2.


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