BP Tries For Natural Gas In Jordan

BP has begun drilling for natural gas in the Risha field in eastern Jordan near the border with Iraq.  In 2009 BP was given 4 years to explore for natural gas in this field.   After two years of preparation, BP says they expect the to take 3 or 4 months of drilling to prove out.  Jordan is hoping that this effort with BP will lead to the discovery of extensive recoverable gas reserves, which will help cut dependence on oil imports to fuel Jordan’s power sector and industries. According to a posting in Al Arabiya:

The government strategy calls for Risha to produce 330 million cubic feet of gas per day by 2015. The field has a current modest daily output of about 18 million cubic feet. The kingdom, which imports most of its energy, is struggling to meet electricity demand, which is growing by more than 7 percent per year, due to fast growing population and rising industrial needs.


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