Offshore Windmills To Save The US Postal Department

Senator Carper  (De Dem) delivered what I believe to be an inane idea in a recent Senate speech. His idea is to build a vast number of offshore windmills.  Then begin to junk the existing fleet of fossil fuel powered mail delivery trucks, buy new all electric trucks and charge them every night using power generated from the offshore windmills.  Vastly overpriced electricity,  I might add.

Watch the video to see Senator Carper in action. I don’t know how much this scheme would cost but I image it would be huge.  Probably enough to sink the post office instead of saving it.

I used to live in Delaware—never voted for Carper, but unfortunately I was in the minority.  Carper beat the incumbent, Senator Roth (of the Roth IRA), in 2000 by a 56% to 44% margin. He defeated Jan Ting by 70% to 29% in 2006.  He is running for a third term in the November 2012.  His opponent will be determined in the September Delaware primary election.



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