Solar Cycle 24 March Update

Solar Cycle 24 activity picked up in March.  Several coronal mass ejections (CME) came our way thanks largely to the sunspot group 1429.  March began  with a CME directed toward Earth.  Although the warnings suggested more severe problems than actually occurred,  it still was a reasonably strong storm. The Sun’s rotation brought sunspot 1429 back again at month-end and it provided a little more excitement.   A good summary of the solar activity in March can be found on the site.  To take a look at the summary,  click here.  This solar activity and it’s affect on the Earth’s geomagnetic field can be seen on the chart below: (click on charts to improve clarity)

Both the sunspot number and the F10.7 flux were below the predicted  monthly numbers in March but seem to be generally following the forecast Solar Cycle 24 forecast path.  See charts below:


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