Fisker’s Quality SWAT Team?

A recall of up to 600+ Fisker Karmas is underway to replace faulty battery packs.  The batteries are manufactured by A123 Systems.  The problem that the Consumer Reports had with the Karma that failed in testing is believed to be the issue with the batteries to be recalled. The Consumer Reports were told by the Karma dealership that the failure was a:  “…fault was found in the battery and inverter cable. Both were replaced as a unit.”

A123 Systems at its Livonia, Michigan facility, said that the problem could result in “battery underperformance and decreased durability.” Fisker  said that the problem was discovered by Fisker’s “Quality SWAT Team.”

One blog has several postings from owners. It seems that besides the power train,  there are some systems problems.   Several quotes:

“I’ve had zero powertrain/drive issues but certainly did have some software glitches involving infotainment/navigation.”

“The car has some rough edges; there have been some software glitches and quirks that lead to erroneous indicator lights and some challenges with the entertainment/nav/climate command center. Many of these have already been addressed by Fisker in software updates, and I’m confident that the remaining issues will likewise ultimately be resolved.”

It seems that the Quality SWAT Team is behind the curve.

According to the Wilmington (De) News Journal:“….. in October, Fisker pushed back its production schedule for the Karma and the Nina, saying it would not begin high-volume production of its second line of hybrids in Delaware until mid- 2013. Production had been expected to get under way this year. “


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