Fisker’s Nina To Be Shown At NY Auto Show—“Kinda”

Fisker has informed reporters that at the 3 April 2012 New York Auto Show, they will provide a “business update and a glimpse of the future” when they reveal the Nina.   Well sort of, because it is not likely that they will have an actual operating Nina, but rather a design model.   The power train is still in testing and probably won’t be available for installation in the design model being shown.  What is shown will not be a product of the GM plant in Wilmington, Delaware where the Feds have provided loan monies to bring the plant online to make the Nina.

The Nina will be a hybrid,  battery-powered vehicle with a range extending IC engine.  You may already know that Fisker did not pick a US engine manufacturer to supply the back up but rather has chosen a BMW turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

I have heard that the projected price of the Nina is in the range of half that of the other Fisker auto, the Karma.   The Karma is sells for $109,000 last time I heard a price quoted.

This is the Nina “picture” that the reporters received:




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