Germany Surrenders on Solar Power

The title of this blog is a direct lift from an American Thinker posting of the same name.   Bjorn Lomborg, the Skeptical Environmentalist reports that Germany once was proud to call themselves “photovoltaic world champion”.  But nation has found the solar-power subsidies are expensive and inefficient.  Accordingly Lomborg:’ Using solar, Germany is paying about $1,000 per ton of CO2 reduced. The current CO2price in Europe is $8. Germany could have cut 131 times as much CO2 for the same price. Instead, the Germans are wasting more than 99 cents of every euro that they plow into solar panels.”

The Germans are phasing out these subsidies over a 5 year period.

In the US, we need to get serious about stopping the handouts to the Friends of Obama too.


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