From my preceding posting Cancun and World Government—-the meeting in Cancun makes the assumption that emitted CO2 is causing harm to undeveloped or underdeveloped nations.  To make amends for this, the developed nations are to pay reparations to the other nations.  The “Chairman’s note” in the previous blog shows the UN would manage these payments which could be as large as 1.5% of GDP.


1.  There is no scientific evidence that CO2 has or will cause any significant “harm”.  I suppose one could argue that anything that keeps the world from going into another Ice Age is a welcome addition.  And for those advocates of the Precautionary Principle, why not contribute of some activity or fund that might prevent a new Ice Age.  In either direction, hot or cold, I don’t believe your contributions will be able to reverse the direction.

2.  We do know that the underdeveloped and undeveloped nations have been blessed by the developed countries.  Great advances available to all peoples of the world in medicine, chemistry, mathematics, and literature are (for the period of time of the warmist concerns about CO2) products of the developed nations.   Using the Noble Prize as a parameter, the top winners are shown in the chart below as well as several examples of the contribution by some of the loudest wanting reparations:

Nation Total Prizes Won Less Peace and Lit
USA 326 296
UK 115 95
Germany 102 86
France 57 33
Venezuela 1

Bolivia 0 0

Excluding literature and Peace is a questionable exercise but when I see that in this decade, the Peace prize has been won by Obama, Gore and Carter, one has to wonder what value that prize is to anyone.

One also wonders why Venezuela, for example, being a big producer, user and exporter of oil is somehow not classified as one of the payers of reparations rather than a recipient as they see themselves.  Is this the “drug producer and supplier” proviso—you know it’s not their fault it is only the users fault.

Thinking about medicine and health, don’t they owe us a lot for saving the lives of millions?  Real lives, not these hypothetical lost lives the IPCC keeps coming up with.   Polio almost eliminated everywhere.  Small Pox a thing of the past.   Malaria deaths could be down significantly if environmentalists got out of the way.   HIV death rates in reverse everywhere.  Don’t they owe us for all the advances in their lives resulting from the inventions, all the advances in science as well? Click here to see Prize distribution.

3.   Giving the UN money is the surest way to see that it gets into the wrong hands.  Need I remind you of the Iraq Oil for Food program?  I believe that the UN may have the biggest collection of scammers ever to be in one organization.

4.   The UN is made up of countries that are not democratic or only partially democratic.  The Nobel Organization has a nice slide show illustrating the nations that are democratic and those that are not.   In large measure, democracy is the form of government of the successful nations in this world.   The advances in world knowledge come fundamentally from these countries.  The Nobel Prizes illustrate this.

There are only 4 nations in the world that state that they are not democracies.  They are Vatican City, Saudi Arabia, Burma and Brunei.  But in fact most of Asia, with the notable exception of India, and most of Africa with the notable exception of The Republic of South Africa are populated by countries that may have “democratic republic” in their nation’s title but they are not democratic in any sense.  The Slideshow I mentioned says that 3 billion people live in democracies and 3.6 million do not.  I do not want the majority of the world’s people running the UN now, and surely don’t want that organization to be running this country.

To see the slideshow, click here.

Apparently, President Obama’s representatives are in cahoots with these thieves at the Cancun meeting.  Write your Congressional Members and tell we want no part of this reparations plan.



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