The IPCC Must Go-Part 3: The Whitewash

With much fanfare, the UN says the IPCC will submit to independent review of “procedures and practices”.  The leader of this review will be Robbert H. Dijkgraaf, head of the Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dijkgraaf says that his mandate is not to look at past mistakes but to ensure that the IPCC’s next report, its fifth, on the state of climate will be accepted by the public and scientific community. (Emphasis added by Cbdakota). This is a whitewash, not intended to validate the science of man-made global warming (AGW) so badly shattered by Climategate and a myriad of errors in the  2007 IPCC AR4.  He will see that the process is correct, not if the science is correct.  So he may be on his way to Paris, when Berlin should be his destination but he can say with confidence that he stayed within the speed limit and obeyed all road signs.

He intends to get ten top scientists to do the review. You can bet that no one that would have interest in challenging the AGW theory will be part of his panel.  So neither Linzen nor Idso nor Soon nor Spencer nor any other of the distinguished skeptical scientists will have to sit by a telephone so as to not miss the call from Dijkgraaf to join his panel.   For that matter, Steve McIntyre, a man who could keep those ten scientists honest, wont be asked to participate, either.

IPCC must go.  The UN is not willing to appoint a panel of that has warmers and skeptic to review the validity of the science.  That would be risking the death of the entire carbon control gravy train.   So, once again, you see them putting bandages on the corpse in hopes no one notices.

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