Rolling Stone Savages Skeptics

If you have read the  latest Rolling Stone magazine rant about global warming skeptics,  you probably are wondering how the two guys that wrote the article got that stupid.  The only way I could get my mind around their article was to think of the Salem witch trials.   As you know,  the Puritans believed that certain people were witches and it was the Puritan’s religious duty to rid them from the community.  So,  they hanged and crushed some of those convicted of being witches.

Well, the Rolling Stone belongs to another extreme religious group,  the church of  Anthropogenic Global Warming.  The witches they see are those that do not conform to their view and they do a “public hanging” of the people they believe are the worst of the skeptics.   The “dirt” they dig up on each person, would be  laughable,  if it weren’t so serious.

So far, Senator Inhofe of Ok had the funniest remark about this rant.  Inhofe was the seventh person discussed and he objected saying he was angry that they seemed to rank him no.  7 because he felt he deserved to be no. 1.

Anyway the Climate Skeptic blog has a brief summary of the article and some good advice for we skeptics going forward.   To read that blog , click here.


One response to “Rolling Stone Savages Skeptics

  1. Surely the scientific community is a-buzz with the weight that a peer-reviewed scientific publication like the Rolling Stone brings to the Global Warming debate…

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