Carbon Emission Rules–Written by the EPA

The shaky economic situation in the US  seems to be persuading President Obama to back away from his  campaign pledge to have Cap and Trade legislation enacted to regulate CO2 emissions.  Opinion of the followers of the legislative bodies believe that such legislation could not be passed this year or maybe even next year.   And if the global climate  continues to experience a cooling phase,  maybe the country will escape the detrimental effect of such legislation.  Further, more and more of the  scientific gurus are arriving at the conclusion that CO2 restrictions are wrong-headed and the “consensus” is disappearing (if it ever existed).   So we skeptics can relax.  Wrong!!!  

In the Massachusetts v. EPA court case,   the Supremes said that the EPA had the authority to regulate CO2 if it was a danger to  the environment.  Bush’s EPA did not find that CO2 was a danger to the environment,  but the Obama EPA will find that it is a danger.  Obama’s nominee to head the EPA is Lisa Jackson.   She is on record as believing CO2 needs to be regulated.  

Once again the judicial branch has assumed the powers of the legislative branch.  The Court has taken the people out of deciding what should be done if anything about CO2.    The disaster that is known as the Kyoto Treaty has provided enough experience to show that in good times the signatories to that Treaty were unable to meet their commitments for CO2 reduction.  As the Europe moved forward this fall to set up the next Kyoto-like treaty forecast to be in effect by 2012,  they were unable to come to any agreement because they knew if would wreck their economies.  Germany was agreeable to almost any terms as long as their heavy manufacturing industry was excluded.  Fat chance that a new treaty would have any meaning if everyone got to exclude their heavy industry or their coal plants as most Eastern European Nations want to do.  And now with their economies in the tank like ours,  I will bet that no matter what the US might want to do,  thfty wont follow.

Its apparent that the legislators  who should decide to or not to “cap and trade” or “tax carbon” wont have the courage to do so as they can bet they will be voted out in the next election if they did.   But many of them see a way to get more control over your life by letting the EPA do their dirty work.   

One of the Republican House of Representatives wants to introduce legislation that will show that the Legislative Branch does not want CO2 to considered a “pollutant” which is endangering the climate.   We should all urge our Congressional representatives to get behind this move.  If the Democrats don’t they will be on record as favoring anything the EPA cooks up just as surely as if they had voted for it.

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