If you are trying to decide if you should go to Al Gore’s new documentary,  read this first.

Al Gore’s new documentary titled “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” opened on July 28 with a limited engagement. Beginning in August, the documentary will be opening in many theaters.  I don’t know how many, as it has not been getting great reviews, but it will be in many more than the initial 4 theaters.

The critics being mostly being quite liberal tend to give this kind of movie a big “thumbs up”. Science has little to do with their ratings of a movie like this, because they are sure if Al Gore produced it, it must all be true. However, the liberal website, VOX said, “Even An Inconvenient Sequel seems a little light on facts at times.” Many of the movie reviewers said it was, in effect, boring.  Maybe that was reflected in the boxofficemojo data published on Sunday, 30 July.  That they said ticket sales for the first day were $61,000, the second day were $43,000 and today (the third day) were $26,000 might reflect the boring viewpoint. 

But Gore did receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his first film, didn’t he?  Yes, he did. However, it was the same Nobel Peace Prize Committee that presented the award to the newly elected Barrack Obama before he got into office. They awarded the Peace Prize to Yasser Arafat of the PLO, too.  That Committee has a very transparent political agenda. It has very little to do with peace.

But never fear gentle reader, Al Gore will not let you down.

Bjorn Lomborg’s comments on just a few of Al Gore’s many prediction misses in his posting “Al Gore’s Climate Sequel Misses A Few Inconvenient Facts”:

“The former vice president has a poor record. Over the past 11 years, Mr. Gore has suggested that global warming had caused an increase in tornadoes, that Mount Kilimanjaro’s glacier would disappear by 2016, and that the Arctic summers could be ice-free as soon as 2014. These predictions and claims all proved wrong. “

“An Inconvenient Truth” promoted the frightening narrative that higher temperatures mean more extreme weather, especially hurricanes. The movie poster showed a hurricane emerging from a smokestack. Mr. Gore appears to double down on this by declaring in the new film’s trailer: “Storms get stronger and more destructive. Watch the water splash off the city. This is global warming.”

“This is misleading. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—in its Fifth Assessment Report, published in 2013—found “low confidence” of increased hurricane activity to date because of global warming. Storms are causing more damage, but primarily because more wealthy people choose to live on the coast, not because of rising temperatures.

Even if tropical storms strengthen by 2100, their relative cost likely will decrease. In a 2012 article in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers showed that hurricane damage now costs 0.04% of global gross domestic product. If climate change makes hurricanes stronger, absolute costs will double by 2100. But the world will also be much wealthier and less vulnerable, so the total damage is estimated at only 0.02% of global GDP.” 

In the movie, Gore illustrates catastrophic man-made global warming by using videos of violent weather over the years.  He defends his forecast that by 2016 Manhattan would be under water saying that it happened when tropical storm Sandy hit New York. Yes, the storm surge did dump water into the subways causing a lot of damage.  But this is disingenuous. He did not say that it would be a “one and off” like Sandy, but rather a permanent condition because of rising sea levels.

And his biggie in this documentary, according to many viewers of the documentary is that he implies that he was really a big time player in the Paris Agreement.  According to Climate Depot, E and E News.net asks “Film depict Gore clinching 2015 deal. Did it happen?”

The film, says E and E, has Gore:

“…. twisting Lyndon Rive’s arm over the phone, asking the founder of San Mateo, California -based SolarCity to grant India free use of a patented silicon-based bifacial Photovoltaic cell if it would let the deal go forward. ‘Give it some thought my friend’, Gore tells Rive, whose company also employed Gore’s son.  Rive did that.  He gained his board’s approval and hopped a plane to Paris where the then-U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon special adviser Robert Orr, said he presented to Moon for his blessing and then to the Indians.

Gore presents this quid pro quo in another Paris cellphone call to Goyal(Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy and Mines in the Government of India.), in which he says Solar City’s offer is good ‘if in return for this India removed its potential objection to the climate treaty.

E and E news goes on to say that Ajay Mathur a top Indian negotiator in Paris says no one recalls any discussion about solar technology.  Orr says never was in a meeting where India accepted the deal Proffer by Gore. 

Gore was not part of the US delegation and was not in the negotiating room for US-India bilateral talks in Paris.

Noting has transpired on this “deal” according to Mathur.

Maybe Al Gore is due another Nobel Peace Prize.

It is unlikely that the Paris Agreement will survive. Nations tell us how committed they are, while at the same time installing coal base power plants at a pace never equaled in past.

Maybe the word “truth” needs to be dropped from Al Gore’s movie title.


6 responses to “If you are trying to decide if you should go to Al Gore’s new documentary,  read this first.

  1. Chris Edwards

    I was directed here by Mr Cronin a facebook friend. You put a lot of effort in to this and I will read and digest but not tonight as its work tomorrow. I would refuse to watch Goees propaganda as he is an out and out thief! The vourt ruling on showing his first mockumentry says it all add in the millions he made from carbon credits …..

    • Thanks for viewing Climate Change Sanity. I have clipped the tail end of your comment. You will see what one of my rules are.

  2. Nature will one day rid this planet of humans just as nature made it equitable for us to live here for a short time in the history of our universe . As robots take our jobs there will be little need for the amount of people populating our planet .The climate will change again as it has many times in the evolution of Earth , in the short-term less Humans would be the logical answer for a more comfortable life as nature takes its inevitable course.

  3. Its really a shame that politics has been allowed to infiltrate science although it’s nothing new, we really need to keep it in line.

    I was referred to you by Mr. Cronin. ;-D

  4. Just wondering why Al Gore’s wife left him…..probably she could not live that close to Such a morally contemptible man set on destroying his own country for not electing him as President.

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