Mars Rover’s First Birthday Celebration At NASA

On 5 August 2012, the NASA Curiosity Rover landed on Mars.  NASA has provided several videos to commemorate Curiosity’s yearlong exploits.    The first video condenses 12 months of images taken in “rover’s eye view” down into two minutes:

Click here                    12 months in 2 minutes

One of Curiosity’s many wonders is its SAM, which stands for Sample Analysis at Mars.  It is, as is described an on-board organic chemistry lab.   The Video provides some description of how it works.  It also lets you hear the “happy birthday” serenade.

Click here for                           SAM

And finally, this video is a 12 minute long animation of how they landed Rover on Mars.  Makes me think of transformers.

Click here for              landing animation

What a feat of science and engineering!!


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