Electric Car Sales Update –April 2012

The electric vehicle sales were slower in April than in March.  March sales were about 4,000 and in April the number dropped to about 3,500.

The GM Volt sales were down in April versus March. The March sales of 2,289 were the highest monthly Volt sales ever.  In April,  sales dropped to 1,462. GM had forecast Volt sales in 2011 to be 10,000 but only sold about 7,700.  This year they forecast sales of 45,000 but now are backing off saying they will match supply to demand in view of the year to date sales of 5,377.

Nissan is sticking to its 2012 forecast of Leaf sales of 20,000.  Sales in April were 370 and the year to date shows sales of 2,103.   So they have to sell about 18,000 in the remaining 9 months.  Anyone placing bets on the likelihood of accomplishing that goal?

Two more items of interest.   Ford did not sell any Focus Electrics for the third straight month.  The sales since introduction of the Focus Electric in December 2011 are one dozen.  The second item, according to The Detroit News, is that Toyota Prius sales were the best ever at 1,654 for the month of April.  This is a surprise as it means that the Volt outsold the Prius in March.  Interestingly it was the two hybrids, Prius and Volt  that made up about 90% of the April electric vehicle sales.


One response to “Electric Car Sales Update –April 2012

  1. Now Mitsubishi is introducing an electric car too. When electric car sales are so dismal why is Mitsubishi doing this?

    E-cars have been around since the 1920’s and they failed. It’s always the same thing with e-cars; everyone talks nicely about e-cars but no one buys them. The Volt sold about 8000 units last year, the Nisan Leaf about 10,000. At the same time the Chevy Cruze sold 230,000 in 2011. Its simple, people don’t buy them.

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