Obama Administration And A UN World Government

Is there a connection between the Obama Administration and a UN world government?

The Obama Administration policy, known as the Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI), is intended to help developing countries combat the effects of man-made global warming.  Since 2010, the Obama Administration, in the name of GCCI, has given away  $2.5 billion.  Obama has requested another $770 million for 2013.  The objectives of this anti-global warming foreign aid are: adaption, clean energy and sustainable landscapes.  Adaption is to provide better climate data and to teach them how to adapt to floods, droughts, and sea level rise.  Clean energy is to help them develop their own green energy programs.  And sustainable landscapes is to save the forests from over-logging, for example.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has voiced some excellent reasons for not spending this money among which are the following:

  • Man-made global warming is at best uncertain.
  • The Nation is facing another year of $1trillion budget deficits so this expenditure could be fiscally responsible.
  • Foreign Aid is often misused or wasted in these countries.

CRS does note that sometimes such a program can be effective in preserving the US leadership role in the world and other intangibles.

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences, e.g. Copenhagen, Cancun, have developed Accords that say the Developed Nations owe the Developing Nations monies as “environmental justice” because the former have prospered at the expense of the latter.

The Cancun Accord summary released December, 2010 by the parties at the Conference outlines the transfer of monies:

“Following negotiations that ran through early Saturday morning, delegates at the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP16) in Cancun adopted by consensus the Cancun Accords, a series of documents that will provide the basis for efforts to confront climate change after the Kyoto Protocol expires.

The accords include a $30 billion-package for 2012 to aid nations taking immediate actions to halt effects of global warming, as well as financing for long-term projects to protect the environment through a Green Fund, which will provide $100 million annually for adaptation and mitigation measures.  Delegates also approved the creation of the forestry program Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) to facilitate the flow of resources to communities dedicated to forest conservation”.

The reasons given by the Administration for the GCCI seem to mirror those in the UN Cancun Accord.  The US delegates at this conference supported the Cancun Accord, unfortunately.  That of course does not make the Accord law, but it does represent the mindset of the Administration and their delegates

The monies are a part of the Warmers overall objective of giving the UN control of global environmental regulation’s enforcement.  The environmental control would mean that the UN would be able to control energy use, development, etc. —the lifeblood of every nation.  Easy to see how this would make the UN the world government.  Do you want the UN to govern our nation?


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