The USA Is Energy Rich—Who Is Preventing Us From Using It?

Look at this video, which is based on work done by the Congressional Research Office late last year and further developed by the Institute for Energy Research in their new report North American Energy Inventory.   The USA has more energy resource than any country in the world—that means oil, natural gas and coal are in abundant supply.  North America’s  (USA, Canada and Mexico) combined resources make it the most energy rich region in the world.  So why aren’t we experiences the lower prices for gasoline, heating oil, electricity, etc.  Why are we sending so much of our money to the people in the Middle East and places like Venezuela, where they often us that money to oppose us?  I hope you got the right answer which is –Our Federal Government.

AT STAKE:   1,000,000 new jobs.  Lowered trade imbalance.   Depriving enemies of our money to oppose us.

See also: Keystone Pipeline Delayed  

Obama Administrations war on fossil fuels

Lets Reduce Foreign Crude Oil by Using Our Own 

Between The Rock And The Hard Place US Energy Policy: 


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