It is hard to separate anti-Americanism and anti-Capitalism,  and indeed America and capitalism are probably synonymous.  The UN, AGW and Socialism are probably equally as synonymous.   Consider how the delegates to the UN sponsored Copenhagen Climate Conference reacted to speeches by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and Zimbabean strongman Robert Mugabe.    They cheered these two thugs every time they criticized America or Capitalism.  The AGW have often been called “watermellons”—green on the outside but red on the inside.

Yes, they all want our dollars as reparations for the “harm” we have inflicted on them.  While rational people know that  money  given to these heads of state will be pocketed and little if any will ever see its way down to the people that may have the need.

To look at what some of the other bloggers are thinking about regarding our “responsibility” to reward these thugs, click  here, herehere and here


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