Ocean Heat Content Updated

Bob Tisdale has updated the Ocean Heat Content (OHC) charts using data collected from Argo buoys for the first 6 months of 2009.   The global OHC chart, below, shows a drop in heat content that brings it back to levels found in 2003.


Tisdale has updated the various ocean areas and how they contributed to the Global total.   His work can be seen in detail by clicking here.

Several months ago, I reported on comments made in William DiPuccio’s  entry “Have Changes in Ocean Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis?”  see https://cbdakota.wordpress.com/2009/07/05/ocean-heat-content/.  That posting is still relevant.

To better your understanding of this issues related to OHC,  I recommend that you look through Dr Roger Pielke, sr’s thoughts that can be found  here and here

The OHC, prior to 2003 can not be considered as authoritative as post 2003 when the Argo Buoys were deployed and began providing the data used to compute OHC.  Having said that and in view of the jump in OHC at the time of the turnover, it makes one wonder how the jump can be explained except as a result of poor equilibration of the old and new readings.


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