Scientifically Illiterate and Innumerate

Someone said to never underestimate the public’s willingness to be fooled.  The media exploits that trait often by peddling alarm.   This has never been more evident than in the case of the man-made global warming theory.  Unfortunately, the general public is woefully lacking in scientific knowledge.  If they had  better scientific knowledge it might allow them to be fooled less often.  The Energy Tribune’s blog “Scientifically Illiterate and Innumerate: Why Americans are So Easily Bamboozled About Energy” sheds some light on why we are easily taken in.  I would guess that the public in most countries suffers from the same lack of knowledge as do we Americans, hence their governments have  been able to push though legislation like cap and trade.

We all need to give a hat tip to the Aussies.  Their citizens became educated and forced their legislative body to reject cap and trade legislation.    Good on ya Mate.

To read the Energy Tribune blog entry click here.


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