Why Is Obama Going To Copenhagen?

The British Climate Research Unit (CRU) is the science leader for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). CRU supplies current and past temperature records and other data used by the IPCC to “prove” that man is the cause of global warming.  The IPCC has repeatedly pronounced their findings as the consensus view.

But several weeks ago, 1000+ internal e-mails and 3000+ sections of computer code from the CRU files were leaked to the world.  We learned that the CRU has systematically manipulated temperature records to make it appear that current times are abnormally warm. They have refused requests under Freedom of Information acts to provide other researchers this data and it looks like they have destroyed the data.  They have conspired to keep opposing views to man-made global warming from being published.  And the leaked files show that their vaunted computer forecasts are programmed to get their desired results of impending disasters (temperatures, floods, melting ice, etc.).  They admit that global temperatures have been in decline this decade and that they don’t understand why. The head of the CRU has been suspended.

The man-made global warming theory is probably a hoax.  So why is President Obama going to attend the December Copenhagen Climate Control meeting where he plans to commit the US to an 85% reduction in use of fossil fuel (gasoline, natural gas, etc.)? This reduction would skyrocket our energy prices and drive our remaining manufacturing jobs to China, India and Russia.


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