Why Climategate Won’t Stop The Greens

Lorrie Goldstein posted “Why Climategate Won’t Stop Greens” on the Toronto Sun Website with the lead-in paragraph as follows:

If you’re wondering how the robot-like march of the world’s politicians towards Copenhagen can possibly continue in the face of the scientific scandal dubbed “climategate,” it’s because Big Government, Big Business and Big Green don’t give a s*** about “the science.”

They never have.

Goldstein paints a gloomy picture and, unfortunately, she may be spot on.   We have all said that the politicians don’t really care about the science.  They are simply using the man-made global warming theory as a vehicle to tax and regulate.

Goldstein urges us to contact your political representatives and say that we want no part of Copenhagen.   Lets do it.

To read more of the blog,  click here.


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