Volt and the Leaf News—May Sales and Other Items

The numbers are in for sales of the Volt and the Leaf.    Leafs outsold Volts in May.  Leaf numbers were 1142, up from 573 in April.  The Volt sales in May were 481, down from the 493 in April.   Year-to-date sales of the Volt are 2184 while the Leaf’s total is 2167.

The US sales goal for the Leaf was originally set at 20,000 in 2011.   They now are estimating between 10,000 and 12,000 this year.  Nissan began accepting “reservation” in April 2010.  You had to submit $99 to be put on the list.  Nissan stopped accepting reservations in September when they had reached 20,000.   They now report that only about half are resulting in sales.   Nissan say there are many reasons why only about half are resulting in purchases.   To read the full report and the reasons,  click here.

And lastly,  some disturbing news regarding the Leaf.  Apparently some of them wont start.   Torque News posting about this problem is as follows:

Since Nissan hasn’t determined the exact cause of the Leaf electric vehicles that won’t start, the automaker has not yet decided whether they will issue a safety bulletin but if the problem continues to grow and they cannot discover a fix – a recall could be in order even though this issue doesn’t propose a direct safety issue. Right now, reports indicate that the company is looking at both the electrical components and programming involved with the air conditioning system but the longer it takes Nissan to figure out what is causing the no-start issues and how to address them, the consumer perception of the Leaf could take a massive hit.


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