Joanne Nova’s Guide to the Skeptic’s World.

Many in our country believe in the theory of man-made global warming.  They are busy with their own lives and problems and don’t have time to get informed to make their own judgment.   Others have just left school, high school or college, where the “educators”—many ill informed—have been preaching the theory to them.   Moreover, they often believe this because the media really only prints articles which are supportive of that theory

Yet the tide is turning against those who want us to believe that we must act quickly to prevent a global catastrophe.   How is it possible then, that in the face of the media barrage, and the educators, more people are becoming skeptical of what they are being told?

One reason, besides our citizen’s inherent common sense, is the internet’s unpaid (most of them anyway) cadre of skeptics that are providing factual discussions on the theory.  This information allows them to look at both sides of the issue.    One of the very best is Joanne Nova—A brilliant and prolific writer.

Nova has a posting “New Here? The “ten second” guide to the world of skeptics.”  I guess she put quotation marks around ten seconds, cause it will take you longer than that to read through the posting .  But I can’t think of anything that will get you up to speed regarding  most of the issues around the theory of man-made global warming faster or more comprehensively.

She tells you who is outspending Big Oil and by how much.

She illustrates why the banking community is so gung ho about the theory.

She points out how unscientific  the “scientific” underpinnings of the theory are.

She discusses climate history.


Her posting is full of links that support her position.  If you don’t read them on the first time through the posting,  do it  at the time of your  second or third reading .

After that, you will be better able to navigate the murky waters of the man-made global warming theory and dig deeper into the science of this issue.  I bet you will come down on the side of the skeptics as your knowledge matures.


One response to “Joanne Nova’s Guide to the Skeptic’s World.

  1. Actually, the recent surface station and the BEST studies are showing that the “scientific’ underpinnings are indeed scientific.

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