More on IPCC “Science” and UN “Ethics”

Two stories recently in the news impinge on one another. The first story is about the UN’s 2007 IPCC report which is the bible of the AGW movement and the other is about the Chairman of the IPCC, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri.

First.  The latest IPCC Climate Change Report, issued in 2007, stated that glaciers were melting rapidly and that those in the Himalayas could vanish by 2035.  This astounding statement was viewed as a major determination by the IPCC but now we know that it was false.  From a report in the the following details how this got into the IPCC report:

In the past few days the scientists behind the warning have admitted that it was based on a news story in the New Scientist, a popular science journal, published eight years before the IPCC’s 2007 report.

It has also emerged that the New Scientist report was itself based on a short telephone interview with Syed Hasnain, a little-known Indian scientist then based at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi.

Hasnain has since admitted that the claim was “speculation” and was not supported by any formal research. If confirmed it would be one of the most serious failures yet seen in climate research. The IPCC was set up precisely to ensure that world leaders had the best possible scientific advice on climate change.

Timesonline further adds:

The revelation is the latest crack to appear in the scientific consensus over climate change. It follows the so-called climate-gate scandal, where British scientists apparently tried to prevent other researchers from accessing key data.

To read more click here.

The second story  is about Dr Pachauri  who is under scrutiny regarding his finances and the appearance that he may be using the IPCC dire reports to steer business to his company.  The Glacier story is a new lead. According to a posting by Roger Pielke, jr., Dr. Pachauri, Director of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) hired Syed Hasnain after the IPCC published the 2007 report.   Then Pachauri and Hasnain sought to raise funds for TERI to study Himalayan glaciers.   They, at least Hasnain, knew that the assertion in the IPCC report were unproven.   As Pielke adds:

Of course, neither Dr. Pachauri nor Dr. Hasnain ever said anything about the error when it was receiving worldwide attention (as being true) in 2007 and 2008, nor did they raise any issues with the IPCC citing non-peer reviewed work (which is a systemic problem). They did however use the IPCC and its false claims as justification in support of fund raising for their own home institution. At no point was any of this disclosed.

To read all of Pielke’s report  click here

Himalayan Glacier  Image  from


2 responses to “More on IPCC “Science” and UN “Ethics”

  1. Nice work exposing Pachauri, I think the UN as a whole is going to get egg on its face after this little lot.

    I tend to confine my arguments to the following:

    There might be global warming or cooling but the important issue is whether we, as a human race, can do anything about it.

    There are a host of porkies and not very much truth barraging us everyday so its difficult to know what to believe.

    I think I have simplified the issue in an entertaining way on my blog which includes some issues connected with climategate and “embarrassing” evidence.

    In the pipeline is an analysis of the economic effects of the proposed emission reductions. Watch this space or should I say Blog

    Please feel welcome to visit and leave a comment.



    PS The term “porky” is listed in the Australian Dictionary of Slang.( So I’m told.)

  2. The most damming statement was on the second page of the times article. Quote from Dr Rajendra Pachauri

    “I was keeping quiet as I was working here,” he said. “My job is not to point out mistakes. And you know the might of the IPCC. What about all the other glaciologists around the world who did not speak out?”

    What does this tell you about the science? Even the scientist are afraid of the IPCC.

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