Gore’s “The Climate Project” Spreads Fear not Science.

In 2006 Al Gore began a program called The Climate Project.  The objective of the program was to train 1000 individuals to make presentations of his “An Inconvenient Truth” in their local community.  Each trainee committed to making a minimum of ten presentations over a one year period following the completion of their training.   This program is underway and it is too early to tell how effective it will ultimately be.  But The Climate Project will probably pass on more disinformation than any other speaking tour since PT Barnum stormed the country.    It scientific foundation is An Inconvenient Truth and the additional distortions of science Gore regularly produces.  


To give you an example of what is being presented to unsuspecting audiences was reported in the South Asian Focus, an information source for the “Brampton’s South Asian Community”.  Brampton is the third largest city in the Greater Toronto, Canada area. The presentation was made by Jaipaul Massey-Singh one of “250 Canadians personally trained by Al Gore in 2008 to spread the message of An Inconvenient Truth……”


Here are some of the things Mr Massey-Singh  is quoted to have said:

“Right now, the earth is cited to have an average temperature of 15 Celsius–and if we do nothing to reduce gas emissions, it’s estimated it will warm up by roughly 4 to 5 degrees over the next 40 years.”


          “If we increase the average temperature by 3 degrees, there is only a 1 degree increase in at the equator but up to 7 degree increase at the north and south poles”, he said. “This will accelerate an alarming rate of thaw, which will then cause the earth’s temperature to rise even further by decreasing the area of ice that reflects the sun’s rays.”


The Glaciers will melt, the atmosphere will become warmer and the oceans will heat up and react by producing major storms–like Hurricane Katrina.  There will be extreme flooding and drought, and movement of water through the atmosphere will become unpredictable.”


“If this happens”, he explained, “by the year 2050 roughly 400 million people on the planet could be displaced due to an estimated 20 foot-rise in sea level.  Water will overtake the land mass, regions of the world as we know now will virtually disappear, and polar wildlife will be in danger.”


Fortunately he has some ways(???) to save us from these catastrophes,  which he outlined:


“If you bring your own mug to Tim Hortons and turn off a few light bulbs, it’s going to make a difference.”


“If North America can reduce even a couple of hundred tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year, there is the potential for stabilization.”


Mr Massey-Singh repeats Gore’s refuted canards about 20 foot sea levels,  

large increases in global temperature,  and global climate change creating major hurricanes for example. Unfortunately, although it was not reported,  the audience probably also got the rest of the Gore fallacies such as history showing that an increase  in carbon dioxide is followed by an increase in temperature.  


The United States Energy Information Administration estimates the total man-made CO2 emissions in 2007 from US sources was 7,282,000,000 metric tons which was an increase of 103,000,000 metric tons CO2 emission over the previous year.   A far cry from a “…..couple of hundred tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year…..”.  


This Gore group is dangerous.  It is spreading fear and not science.  Not surprising,  the leader (Gore) is not a scientist, and The Climate Project executives are not either.  Like nearly every other Green Group,  they are lead largely by lawyers.  


See this site  http://www.southasianfocus.ca/community/article/64852


A related story was The UK’s Guardian on line blog.  They carried statements by the experts at the top British climate research center that warned “Apocalyptic climate predictions’ mislead the public, say experts.”   These experts “launched a blistering attack on scientific colleagues and journalists who exaggerate the effects of global warming.”  


This warning was aimed at the believers, and we skeptics too.  But if exaggeration about global warming were dynamite we skeptics could not make a loud bang while the man made global warming believers (Al Gore near the top of that list) would sound like a megaton hydrogen bomb. 


Unfortunately,  Mr Massey-Singh probably believes he is spreading the written word and surely doesn’t realize that he is really spreading apocalyptic fiction.

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